Real Estate

Buying Property

EU citizens can buy property in Greece without restrictions.

Exceptions are made in the case of military zones, e.g. areas near the borders.

Outside the limits of the village building plan, 4,000 sq m. are needed in order to be able to build.



The buyer needs a Greek tax number. Apply for this before you make a contract. (Yourself, lawyer, estate agent).

The buyer needs a bank account in Greece.

The buyer needs a lawyer. Find one yourself (see the Business Directory), who speaks your language. Only he/she is independent and you must instruct him/her directly as to what he/she has to do.  Do not engage a lawyer who has been suggested to you by the estate agent or construction company.



Topographical plan, building license/building plan.

Extract from the Land Registry or Registration Office (lawyer, estate agent, vendor).

Certificate from the Tax Office which shows that the vendor does not owe any taxes.

Receipt from the Tax Office which shows that the Land Acquisition Tax has been paid.

Certificate from the Electricity Company (DEI) showing that there are no outstanding bills. Ideally, the same from the municipal council in respect of the water supply, and from the Telephone Company (OTE).

The original license issued for the construction of the building, for purposes of comparison. Only thus can you find out if there is a plan to build more houses on the piece of land, or if you have received an altered plan. Illegal building additions and extensions can lead to the levy of considerable fines, which the buyer then has to pay.



Notary, lawyer, estate agent


Sets out and registers preliminary contracts and sale contracts. Offers no advice, and carries out no searches.


Carries out searches of the Land Registry or Registration Office entries, checks whether the property has any charges against it (unpaid bills, taxes, IKA debts, mortgages) and whether any third party has rights to the property that would make purchase difficult or even impossible (e.g. the existence of joint heirs).       

Only when asked will he/she check the building license, legal status of the building company etc. You must tell him/her what you want!!


Estate Agent

Deals in properties, land, and commercial real estate. The commission charged in Greece is 2-3% each for both buyer and vendor, although the commission to be paid by the vendor is usually concealed in the price – bargaining is always worthwhile!!!

Real-estate agents must have a business license; this is something which almost anyone can acquire on application in Greece. If your agent does not have a license, you will have no right of compensation against him/her.

Be thoroughly informed

Decide whether you want to buy or build

Decide WHAT and WHERE you want to buy/build

Find a lawyer

Engage an estate agent

Find a notary

Find a bank for a mortgage

Acquire all the necessary documents (with the help of a lawyer, estate agent, and by yourself)

Make sure that the piece of land can legally be built upon, or find out what restrictions apply.

If applicable, preliminary contract with a 10% - 30% deposit (as low as possible). This deposit is forfeited if the purchase fails.

Purchase contract



Lawyer’s fee: The basic fee is 1-2% of the purchase price up to 40,000 €, and above that, 0.5%. Sometimes additional fees, to be agreed upon, apply for searches. Negotiate over the prices!

Notary fees: 1-1.8% of the value of the contract. Additional fees and expenses. There is a minimum fee!!

Entry in the Registry: 0.75 % plus Stamp Duty, and lump sum for expenses.

Estate agent commission: 2-3% of the real value of the property, from both purchaser and vendor.

Land acquisition tax: up to 15,000€ = 7%, amounts in excess of that = 9%. In municipalities with a fire brigade an extra 2% is added.

Transaction tax: 1% of the nominal purchase price

Value Added Tax: 19% on the sale of newly-built properties (in the event that the vendor is carrying on a business – e.g. a construction company). This applies to all properties newly-built since 1.1.2006. It does not apply for a first purchase for own use.  Find out for yourself whether VAT has to be paid, and get your lawyer to certify for you that no VAT is due (write this into the contract).



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The estate agent accompanies you during the whole of the purchase process, from the search for property to the making of the contract and beyond. 


Steps towards purchase