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Ferry at the southcoast in crete: anendyk

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Car check and emission card

all cars have to be checked every two years.

From may 2009 all cars must have an emission card that means all the cars have to be checked yearly.


The Association PRO.T.A. (Prevention of Traffic Accidents) is organizing, as every year for the 3rd consecutive year, TREE PLANTING in memory of road accident victims. A memory that has to be maintained and strengthened.
The tree planting will take place in the grounds of the Hospital of Chania on Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 11 am.
The purpose of the event is to raise public awareness about road accidents.
The event is being organized by the group of citizens THE CYCLISTS, the EPA.S of Chania and Chania Hospital.
At 10.30 there will an assembly beforehand at the Municipal Market where, on bicycles, cyclists carrying messages on their backs will make their way to the Hospital of Chania. The messages will be:
- "The streets belong to everyone"
- "Put your life on the bike"
- "The next traffic victim might be you "
- "Cycle, walk, live"
We invite all to participate in this event both in the cycle parade and in the tree planting. However, we especially urge those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, so that by their presence they can strengthen the voice of society against the unjust loss of innocent victims because of human behavior and the indifference of the State to the need for better maintenance of the road network of Crete.
Together we can. Our motto: "One tree of life for every human traffic victim."

Chania 12/17/2012
For the Association PRO.T.A.
The President
George Archontakis

It is a statutory obligation to carry a warning triangle, a first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher and a safety overjacket in your vehicle. Please ask your car rental firm for these articles. They will usually decline to provide them, pointing out that "Checks are not carried out". This is mostly the case, but when a check does take place, fines will be very steep.


In autumn 2008 radar control equipment was installed along the national road. Please take note of the warning signs, because hefty fines are levied on Crete. Also, within the framework of the EU, you will have to reckon on receiving the notification of payment of a fine in your home country.

Used car registration

  • Buyer and seller must go to the tax office and carry out a transfer of the (tax) documents to the name of the buyer.
  • Then both parties should go to have the car registration document transferred at the Registration Office (mechanologiko). The easiest way to do this is via the KEP-offices in Chania.
  • To do this you need your passport, tax number, and residence permit.



There is now a movement in Greece which champions the rights of pedestrians. A quick look around the cities and villages reveals that there are hardly any pavements, and when they do exist, they are misused as places to park.  This appears to be of no interest to the police or the municipal authorities.
You can help, and support this Organisation. You can complain to your tour representative, or to the local mayor, or to the Greek Tourist Organisation.




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