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 The company guide for the island of Crete:  KRETA-ABC


The idea of creating a Business and Product Directory – a company guide for the island of crete – came to us as we were trying to set up our holiday home while on vacation in Crete. Without the help of our Greek friends, it would have taken ages to find a very diverse range of products and good workmen. There is a business telephone directory for Crete, but it gives no information about the qualifications of those offering services, or the quality of the products.

After we moved to the island we began to put together the KRETA-ABC. We found a partner in WEBCREATIVE,Germany, which has undertaken the technical side of the project and shares the business risk. Kreta-abc will be a guide to businesses and products which is directed towards two target groups:

 a)    Customers, consumers, purchasers, those looking for goods and services

 b)   Retailers, service providers, producers, professionals

This page offers Freelancers, companies, craftsmen and professionals the opportunity to introduce themselves to a great number of customers. They will find out WHAT you are offering, WHERE you can be found, and which language(s) you speak. You can introduce yourself and your business in detail, with all your qualifications, area of expertise and particular specialities. Register your participation and choose the form of your entry.

Customers can inform themselves at home, in comfort, and then contact you on a particular matter or visit you directly. This saves time and tiresome searching. Tourists can get to know the variety of Cretan service providers while still in their home country and thus, for example, plan their individual holiday – from accommodation through food and drink to a rented car. For those who are searching in the company guide, the service is free.


We offer you the possibility of presenting your product/service/company on Kreta-ABC.

There are three types of advertising:

Free entry

Standard entry

Premium entry

This ensures that every freelancer, tradesman, businessman etc can introduce himself to customers without cost. Those who wish to introduce themselves more fully pay an annual fee and choose a more detailed entry. More information under registration.


Business search

Under this category on the menu, those who are interested can access very specific information. You select the prefecture or district, the business/service required from the list, e.g. doctor, and you will find out immediately who is working on the island, or where the product you require is to be found.


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Latest entries

Xamam Clothes & Sandali

73100 Chania, crete

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Margarites, crete

ea cermic studio

Margarites, crete

ea cermic studio

Margarites, crete

ea cermic studio

Margarites, crete

ea cermic studio

Margarites, crete

Zythos Vap

Rhodes, GR

Lemon Tree Retreat

73008 Gavalohori, crete


73008 Vamos, crete

Kalives cruises

73008 Kalives,