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Holiday Property

A property abroad is the dream of many people. According to a study carried out in Germany, several million people are interested in having a house in the sun. Greece, and particularly the island of Crete, is moving higher up the list of sought-after destinations.
This has an effect on the market. Over the last 10 years ( 1997 - 2007 ) , prices have risen by 5% per year, and in some regions by even more. According to predictions, the market will continue to develop in this way.

However, this has not come true. The great crisis at the end of 2008 has also shaken the property market on Crete. Less building is going on, and many properties are vacant. This means that there is now a buyers market. The property market offers in 2009 the chance to buy a property to a reasonable price. Just have a look in the business directory under real estate agencies in the prefecture you like:Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion or Lassithi.

Exactly at this time, it is worthwhile investing in a holiday property.

All Europeans can purchase without restrictions.

But some have reservations. As there is no land registry on Crete, and as people do not know the procedure for purchasing and have no idea how to go about it, many hesitate to purchase.

On this page, we want to bring some transparency to the property market. We give you information about buying a property, take a critical look at real estate agents and construction firms, introduce you to successful projects and give you tips. In the Business Directory you can find architects, lawyers and notaries. You will also find builders, specialist workmen and many other branches.

In the longer term we offer a private property market: private house sales. Estate Agents and construction companies can, of course, advertise on this page and register in the Business Directory.