Prefecture of Rethymnon

Argyroupolis 74055

A small village 27 km south-west of Rethymnon.

The village is situated on a hill, surrounded by greenery. It was built on the ruins of ancient LAPPA.  You will find a bakery with a stone-built oven, a shop selling excellent avocado products, and a small museum of village life.  Down from the village there are gushing springs which never dry up, even in summer. They fill huge cisterns, and once powered watermills. The Romans built baths here. Today, there are tavernas alongside the waterfalls and canals - these are a favourite leisure destination. On the other side of the village, an old stone track leads to a chapel and graves hewn into the rock. The seven springs - enclosed today in a well - can be seen beneath an old plane tree.
The view from the village out over the landscape is breathtaking.
Until now, the village has not been discovered by mass tourism. It is an idyllic place in summer because of its elevated location and pleasant climate.  It is an ideal point of departure for walks and bike tours.


Old inscriptions on house ruins

The mosaic

The Chapel of the 7 Virgins

Excavations alongside the church

The museum

Remains of mills

ABC Tipps:

Taverna OLD MILL, Lappa Avocado, Woodoven -Bakery