Prefecture of Lasithi


The south-eastern metropolis of Crete

Situated on the narrowest part of Crete, Ierapetra has around 12,000 inhabitants and is said to enjoy the hottest temperatures on Crete. In fact, the atmosphere there is almost African. Tourism has really taken off in recent years. Hotels, apartments and private rooms all offer accommodation to tourists, numerous tavernas proclaim their menus, and evening entertainment is even provided for. The little, old city quarter is particularly beautiful. In the vicinity there are fine beaches, and a drive of only 14 km to the north coast opens up numerous possibilities to the visitor.
The surrounding area is flat and given over to farming, with hothouses.


Fortezza, on the western edge of the town

The ruins of a Venetian fortress lie directly on the sea edge

The Mosque, reconstructed, with a lustral fountain.


Archaeological Collection, Tel: 28420 28721. Houses marble statues and inscriptions dating from the Roman period.