Prefecture of Rethymnon


Capital of the Prefecture of the same name, and the third largest city on Crete.

Rethymnon vies for the favour of holidaymakers to be given the title of the most beautiful city on Crete. It has a sandy beach one kilometre in length, which already begins within the city centre and is lined with hotels and tourist infrastructures which fulfil every desire. The old city invites you for a stroll, and the harbour connects the city with the mainland and other islands. The occupying forces of former times - the Venetians and the Turks - have left a legacy of architectural monuments. The face of the city was restored and modernised a few years ago with the addition of pedestrian precincts and new traffic regimes.
The gastronomy on offer ranges from Cretan to international, all a delight for the palate. The nightlife offers adequate diversity for younger visitors. The surrounding region with the foothills of the White Mountains and superb places on the south coast offers various alternatives to a simple beach holiday. You can delve into modern Crete with its living past.


Wireless internet at Townhall, venetian harbour, unknown soldier square and city garden


Paleontologischesl Museum in the  Veli Pascha Mosque

Ecclesiastical museum, Vas. Chazi Str. 3, in the Metropolitan Cathedral

History and Folk Art Museum, M.Veriadou Str. 28

Archaeological Museum, across the Fortezza, Tel: 28310 54668. Important finds from the area, and a numismatic collection.



Venetian architecture

Loggia: This used to house the Archaeological Museum. Today, authentic museum replicas can be purchased here.

Rimondi Fountain, dating from 1626.

Fortezza: An imposing fortification dating from the 16th century, with well-preserved buildings such as arsenals, residences and barracks.  It offers a wonderful view out over the city and the sea. Concerts and theatrical productions take place here during the summer. The Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon is situated in the five-sided building opposite the main gate on the eastern side of the Fortezza.

Megali Porta: the only city gate still preserved, on the Square of the Four Martyrs. 



Holy Monastery of Arkadi

Monastery of Preveli

Nature Park BIOTOPI         more information


Further information at http://www.rethimnon/. gr