Recycling in Chania

Car- recycling

Auto-recycle 28210 65150

Telephones and telecom items

 at OTE



Handys and Ink Cartidges




several places: Ote, Germanos, Dei, Marinopoulos, Champion, A&B...


Recycling in Rethymnon

Disposal of broken electrical goods

there is a depot just out of town, take the national road to Heraklion in Misiria. Turn off the highwayafter about 150 m, hang a right and you should see the bins.

open from 6 to 15 on weekdays and 6 to 12 on weekends. tel.: 28310 57940. if you need collection call 195

old telephones/ small telecom items

Green bin in the mainoffice from OTE in Kontouriotou Str.


various places:OTE, DEI, Germanos, Marinopoulos , AB and Champion

Mobile phones, Ink cartridges

Germanos in Market Str.

Old cars

Drakos,on the left handside of the N.R. towards Chania, just a short way out.Tel.: 28310 32251

Used cooking oil

 there have been placed 4 containers: Spar super market inKalithea, south entrance of the municipal park, Agios Giorgos Church and Kapodistriou Str.